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A once in a lifetime opportunity to hear property investing multi millionaire investor “Dolf de Roos” live here in New Zealand. Although born in New Zealand, Dolf de Roos attended school in a variety of countries. This early introduction to travel contributed to his propensity to move around and invest in real estate worldwide taking advantage of the ebbs and flows of the market. Real Estate RichesOver the years, as his successes with property became apparent, Dolf was cajoled into sharing the “why” and “how” of his real estate investment strategies. He has run public seminars throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America, and Europe, trained real estate agents, written and published eleven best-selling property books including the New York Times Best Seller Real Estate Riches, as well as introduced software to both analyze and manage investment property. Dolf has also taught at Tony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery, Trump University and in 2003 was appointed Visiting Professor of Real Estate at the University of North Texas. Consequently, Dolf’s views on property are esteemed. His primary passion is not just in teaching wealth creation or real estate, but investing in real estate, which he continues to do around the world. And the best part is you’re going to get to meet him in person and ask him as many property investing questions as you like. My question is… is this an opportunity you can afford to miss?

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