Credit Score Expert..ComFrom: Maria G Forte
Re: Your Financial Future

Is NO Credit, LOW Credit or even “Horrible Credit” keeping you from enjoying the finer things in life?

If so, then my guidebook IS THE ANSWER! I’ve spent the past 7 years, developing a foolproof system to help people just like YOU blast their credit scores THROUGH THE ROOF!

My name is Maria G Forte. Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked within the Financial Industry in the City of London and during that time I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience about the credit world and I want to share it with YOU!

What Are The Credit AgenciesWHISPERING (screaming!) About YOU…
Behind YOUR Back?

Did you know that it is PERFECTLY LEGAL for credit agencies to write about YOU without YOUR knowledge? Do YOU know that what they say can DRASTICALLY impact what kind of credit you are able to get and IF you are able to get credit AT ALL?

During these tough economic times, it’s difficult to even be approved for credit! Don’t let what OTHERS SAY ruin your chance of getting the credit YOU ARE ENTITLED TO!

Regardless of your current credit situation, I will show YOU how to delete negative items off your Credit Report, fill your wallet full of Credit Cards and build a Credit Score so high even your banker will be impressed!

If YOU Want:

A mortgage

Credit cards

Lower payments

More opportunities

A better job

Then my book is, simply, a… MUST-HAVE!


Anything above 880 is considered a “good credit score” and, therefore, a minimal credit risk.

A good credit score, means that you don’t have to worry about the mortgage or credit card companies rejecting you for credit, on your score alone.

But, remember, because of the new emerging economy, a NEW credit world is taking shape! Other factors are becoming increasingly important in determining your credit worthiness.

In my book, “Amazing Credit Score Secrets Revealed”, you will discover those factors and how to maximize them to YOUR benefit!

I will show you the LEGAL ways to restore and maintain a high Credit Score. The secrets that I reveal are completely foolproof and organized in my easy-to-follow guidebook!

Credit Score Expert.Com

There’s no special trickery involved in my book! But, since Credit Reporting Agencies don’t want you to have this valuable information, they attempt to make the process difficult.

Fortunately, there have been laws enacted to protect the consumer! The Consumer Credit Act of 1974 gives the credit consumer a legal process by which to proceed if he/she feels as if their rights have been or are being violated! “Amazing Credit Score Secrets Revealed” makes the process easy, by making sure that you follow the letter of the law and PROTECTING YOURSELF from the credit vultures that encircle your life!

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