Regulated land for sale in Village of Bratovo 5miles from Burgas Bulgaria,s 4th Largest City.
This is good as a long term investment or just to build your own dream home In Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is a politically stable country and now also benefits from EU Membership from 2007.

Price of land £14000 pounds with regulation.

Although the current trend seems to be that people are moving out of the country and into cities, there are still many reasons to do the opposite and move to the country. If you’re tired of city life and just want to get away from it, think about moving to a rural area. The country has many advantages over the city:

1. Clean air. Cities are full of factories, cars and corporations emitting toxins in the air every day. In the country there is a lot less industry and a lot fewer cars so the quality of the air is going to be much nicer. You’ll actually be able to smell the fresh scent of the trees and the soil around you. Not to mention, it’s a lot healthier not breathing in toxic fumes every day.
2. Less Traffic. With fewer people out in the country, there are a lot less cars on the road. You won’t have to fight your way into a different lane or deal with angry and annoyed drivers. You also won’t waste precious time stuck in traffic jams.
3. Wildlife. With the destruction of their habitats in the cities, wildlife has been pushed out. In the country, there is still plenty of land, trees and water for animals to enjoy. It’s pretty common to see deer, foxes, birds and other animals in your backyard.
4. Trees. Not everything has been paved over in the country. There are still trees and forests in their natural state. These provide shelter from the sun and rain, clean the air and are beautiful to look at.
5. Slow pace. Everything in the country is much slower paced. People aren’t always running late and aren’t always in a huge rush. Life just is just more relaxed.
6. People say “Hello.” It’s true, people are friendlier out in the country. Everybody sees each other out and about on the streets and everyone knows each other. They say “hi” when they see you, and when you’ve been there awhile, you’ll start to see the same faces over and over again and you’ll begin to have longer conversations and form friendships.
7. You can go to a real country fair. You know the ones you’ve heard about with rodeos or derbies. They’re right here in the country. Everyone goes and it’s a time to gather and meet friends you haven’t seen in a while.
8. Price. Everything’s cheaper in the country. You can get a bigger house with more land for your money. If you want to stretch your dollar as far as you can, the country is definitely a good place for you.
9. Gardens. With more land, you can have a garden in your own backyard where you can grow your own vegetables. There’s nothing fresher than eating food directly out of the garden.

As you can see there are many reasons to live in the country. It can be a very nice place to live and excellent alternative to the over-crowded cities.

Lorne MacInnes is a managing partner of Ferguson Moving & Storage one of the oldest moving companies in Canada, and an industry expert in the moving and relocation secto

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