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When EPC’s were first launched for HIPS, many people in the Property Industry were of the mind that:
a) they are pointless and purchaser’s or tenants won’t look at them
b) just another hassle for Estate Agents, Vendors and Landlords to get over and
c) adding more cost the Homeowner.

Of course, this is only my opinion however, I would suggest that these thoughts are shared by at least half the UK population!

What are EPC’s really all about? Do we really understand what the Government is trying to achieve. The answer I guess would be… no. states that “Buildings produce nearly half of the UK’s carbon emissions! That’s almost twice that of cars and planes. The way a building is constructed, insulated, heated, ventilated and the type of fuel used, all contribute to its carbon emissions.”

If you think about it from a global perspective, the daunting facts about global warming is a serious issue and it is about time someone starts to act on it! Having done a little research into our current climate changes, my opinions about EPC’s have changed, or at least, I try to see them from a different perspective.

The only difficulty now, is trying to change the perception of the Industry to actually act on the EPC’s rather than seeing then as another “Tick in the Box” when renting a property.

A couple of facts regarding EPC’s:

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are now considered mandatory for all property to rent as from the 1st October 2008.

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) was introduced to provide Landlords with property to let, Home Owners, Tenants and Buyers of property with information relating to the energy efficiency of a property. The property will be graded on its standard energy and carbon emission efficiency and will receive an energy rating grade from ‘A’ – the most efficient through to ‘G’. A grading of ‘D’ will be an average rating.

What do EPC’s mean for Landlords?

Landlords will be able to make changes to the property to let based on the recommendations of the EPC report. The report will include information for the Landlord such as:

• suggested improvements (such as fitting loft insulation)
• the approximate cost of such improvements
• possible cost savings per year if the improvements are made
• how this would change the energy and carbon emission rating of the property

Landlords can use this information to:

• Encourage Tenants to rent property based on potentially lower fuel costs
• Cut your own fuel costs or standing charges for vacant properties
• Improve energy performance in your house or flat to rent
• Help cut carbon emissions from your property

Landlords are not required to act on the recommendations suggested from the report however, in order to promote the attractiveness of a property to let, a more energy efficient property should encourage price conscious tenants to make further enquiries.

All Landlords who rent property will be required to make the EPC available to prospective tenants the first time you let a property after the 1st of October 2008.

An EPC is only required for a property which is self-contained, and will be valid for 10 years.

An EPC is not required when a tenant rents a room and shares facilities.

What do EPC’s mean for Tenants?

The energy efficiency of a property to let is measured by using the same calculations for all homes, houses and flats to rent. This allows Tenants to make an informed decision when they come to selecting a property to rent. A higher energy efficient property may be cheaper to run when calculating the cost of heating and fuel bills.

As a tenant, if you are interested in renting a property then an EPC must be made available to you free of charge by either the Landlord or the Letting Agent.

An EPC is only required for a rental property which is self-contained, and is valid for 10 years.

An EPC isn’t required when you rent a room and share facilities.

Who is required to have an EPC?

The EPC is required by law when a building is constructed, sold or put up for rent.

EPC’s only apply to England and Wales. Northern Ireland and Scotland are producing their own regulations.

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Energy Performance Certificates Northern Ireland

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