From: Matt Bacak

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

I’m out for revenge. It’s time to settle the score.

I just found out that yet another of my former students has ripped off my materials and is now selling everything I taught him – with his name on the cover.

Pretending that he put in the time and energy to create, develop and perfect the money-making system that I taught him.

Frankly, I’m getting sick of this kind of thing.

It’s happened more than once in just the last six months.

So it’s time to shut these guys down once and for all, and it’s not going to be pretty.

There Will Be Blood…

And when I say, “there will be blood” I mean it.

When you’ve robbed, ripped off, and cheated, over and over again – it’s time to get even.

I’m about to bloody the nose of the people who stole from me.

And you, my friend, are going to have an opportunity to profit from this. Big time.

I don’t know how long I will leave this offer open. What I do know is that you should take advantage of my white-hot rage at these miserable intellectual pirates…

…I’m going to give you the once-in-a-lifetime chance to grab this $5,500 value for just one dollar WHILE IT LASTS.

And just in case you’re wondering what I’m doing with the $1 — I’m giving it to charity. More on that in a bit.

But first, here’s the whole story…

Matt Bacak Retires…

I know.

“Matt Bacak Retires” doesn’t sound like I’m getting back at these sleazy crooks, does it? It sounds like I’m quitting… giving up… but far from it.

Stick with me; you’ll see. Here’s what happened…

I’ve become known as the guy who developed the lead-generation systems used by the top Internet Marketers (just about all of them) to grow their multi-million dollar businesses.

I did it first for my own businesses, which started making millions of dollars a year…

Then I taught a few of my friends (like Jim Edwards, Mike Litman, Drew Miles, Mark Joyner and Tom Antion, to name a few) how to do exactly what I was doing, and it started working for them.

So they told some people, who told some people… Next thing I knew, people were practically beating down my door to come into my offices and learn exactly what I was doing.

We had already proven that these methods could work for anyone – So of course, I was willing to help them out…

I Have Taught This Unique System To More Than One Thousand People –

Since I started teaching, 1,723 people have gladly paid $5,500 each to attend weekend workshops at my office.

And that was just to get in the door. When you add up the flight to get here and the hotel to stay in, this training easily cost more than $7,000.

And everyone who came told me that it was worth every penny.

I taught them everything they needed to know to dominate any niche and rake in piles of cash.

I had success story after success story…

…and my students include tons of ordinary everyday folks as well as “gurus” like Kirt Christensen, Marlon Sanders, Tellman Knudson, Armand Morin, Ray Edwards, and many others.

But then a funny thing happened…

My Students STOLE My Content!

It’s hard to believe.

Just as I told you in the opening of this letter…

Some of the people who paid me for my knowledge started to re-sell that knowledge.

They started having workshops… using material that they blatantly STOLE from me.

They taught my stuff. (well, they tried to)

They gave out my secret resources (which they had sworn to keep secret).

In some cases, they even used my exact same copy and graphics – without even bothering to change any of it!

Now let me be clear: it is only a few unsavory individuals who were looking to lie, cheat and steal to make a quick buck. Anybody whose name appears on this page is 100% innocent. The people I name here are my friends and clients in good standing,

As for the thieves… I will not waste my time or yours to name them. I’m not going to give these low-down scumbags any promotion at all – even by naming them in public.

But I am going to put an end to their treacherous scheme…

So I Am RETIRING… My $5,500 Internet Seminar

My immediate reaction was to get the best team of lawyers I could find and just sue the pants off these guys.

Take them to the cleaners and forcefully remove all their ill-gotten gains.

But… I’m a positive guy.

I don’t like all that negative energy.

So what could I do?

I came up with a plan that I think will stop the thieves dead in their tracks.

And make you the big winner. I’m going to “retire” my most popular seminar.

I have been charging $5,500 for this seminar for the past four years, and there is usually a waiting list because it fills up so quickly.

Those days are now officially “over”.

I’m going to be focusing on some new stuff.

Stuff you’ve never seen or heard of before.

We will still do our $20,000 private training days – but that’s it as far as workshops go.

Here’s How You Win – And So Does Habitat For Humanity… When You Get My Seminar For $1 (Just ONE DOLLAR)

So you may be wondering, “Gosh, Matt, if you take those seminars off the market, how does that make me a winner? Now I’ll never get the chance to attend one of your seminars?”

Here’s why it makes you the winner…

I’m going to give you my seminar material. All of it.

For just $1.

Not only do you win… Habitat For Humanity wins, too. Because I’m going to take every single dollar from the sale of this seminar and give them all to Habitat for Humanity.

I’m going to present the check to them in person when I speak at the New Orleans E-Commerce Summit later this month.

Now, a question that might be on your mind is…

Do you really get everything? Or is there some kind of trick or teaser offer involved.

No tricks.

No “teasers”…

You Get The Entire Seminar For Just A One-Time

Obviously for $1 I can’t have everyone come to my office for a seminar (and I can’t give you a free computer)… I’d go broke doing that.

But here’s what I can do…

I can give you the recordings of all the seminars. I can give you all that.

But I’m also doing a whole lot more…

You Get The Recordings… The Notes

I’m literally holding nothing back.

This is strictly about putting the pirates out of business and raising money for a cause that has done so much for so many people.

Who would pay for the imitation when they can get the original for just a dollar?


So that’s what I’m doing.


I put the pirates out of business. They’re sunk.

You get thousands of dollars in profit-building materials for one dollar.

Habitat for Humanity gets 100% of the money made from the sale of this seminar.

Plus, I’ll even let you try out my cutting-edge newsletter free… and I’ll let you join me on my weekly Q&A calls!

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