The Ultimate Guide to Using the Mediterranean Greek Food Diet to Reduce your Risk of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Lose Weight and to Improve Your Overall Health
The Ultimate Guide to Using the Mediterranean Greek Food Diet to Reduce your Risk of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Lose Weight and to Improve Your Overall Health

The Ultimate Guide to Using the Mediterranean Greek Food Diet to Reduce your Risk of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Lose Weight and to Improve Your Overall Health


If you are seriously committed to improving your overall health and losing weight as a bonus, then this guide will prove one the best decisions you have ever made! Not many people are aware of this fact but the Mediterranean Greek Food Diet can cut your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer by 25%! This is what has led to the recent interest in Mediterranean and Greek cuisine; though some people argue that the mouth-watering recipes rather than a concern to maintain good health fuel the interest more. Whatever the case, Greek food diets have tremendous health benefits and the fact that they are tasty is a welcome additional benefit. This cannot be said of many other health diets.

The number of people looking to improve their health and attain optimum weight is increasing by the day. Interest in Mediterranean Greek Food Diet is growing by the day. More and more health conscious people are looking for a Greek food diet to stick on their refrigerators so that they can have quick access to it during meal preparation time. The demand for Greek Food Diets is huge.

Greek Food Diet

Mediterranean Greek foods are without doubt tasty, mouth-watering meals. However, due to geographic limitations people in some regions of the world may not be able to consume original Greek foods. In such instances, the diet can be amended to be similar to the traditional Greek diet as much as possible.

Many diets labeled “Greek/Mediterranean Diet” are on sale. However, few neither explain the basis of the diet nor advice you on how to derive maximum benefit from the diet. Most diets also do not take into account that you may not be from the Mediterranean region (as is the case with most people looking for a Greek Food Diet) and that getting some ingredients may prove difficult. Further, where you are able to get the ingredients they may be processed or low in quality. One of the emphasis of the Mediterranean Greek Food Diet is on freshness; your food must be natural and not have undergone industrial processing of any kind. Thus, while the traditional Greek diet encourages consumption of fish and poultry, processed fish and poultry products do not fall into this category. Thus, don’t expect to derive the same benefit when you substitute fresh fish for a can of Tuna! This is the major weakness of most of the current diets on sale, they fail to take into account geographic location and provide a suitable substitute. This is why this guide is so important, in addition to explaining in detail the benefits of a Greek Food Diet, I also provide you with viable alternatives to your diet in the event that you are in a region where you cannot access all the ingredients in their natural state.

Let me now briefly examine why the Mediterranean Greek Food Diet contains such potent health benefits.

Mediterranean Greek Diet Research

Research carried out by Dr. Antonia Trichopoulou in three rural Greek villages in 1995, using a sample of 22, 043 people aged between 20 and 86, came up with the following conclusions:

  • The longevity of The Greek and other Mediterranean’s can be explained by their diet
  • The complete diet plan is more vital for health and nutrition than particular nutritional elements

The average life expectancy of The Greek people is 80 years.

The central pillar of the Mediterranean Greek Diet is Olive oil. It is used exclusively in all Mediterranean diets as opposed to other oils, fats or margarine. It is an excellent source of monosaturated fat, which protects the heart against disease since it displaces saturated fat from the diet. It is also a rich source of antioxidants such as Vitamin E. However, its use is restricted to preparing vegetable dishes, sauces, salads and frying fish. As part of a weight loss plan, Olive oil thus proves highly beneficial.

Some Benefits of The Greek Mediterranean Diet

  1. Unlike some weight loss diets, it will not cause kidney failure
  2. There is significant research and lots of evidence to back up all health claims
  3. You only eat good cholesterol which is good for your heart and not artery clogging bad cholesterol
  4. If you are using the diet to lose weight, the chances of rebound weight gain are minimal
  5. Your risk of cancer and heart disease is cut by 25%
  6. It is yummy and a feast for the senses!

For those who would like to lose weight but are not prepared to do in a healthy manner, then the Greek Food Diet is not for them. This is no fad or hoax. It is a tried, tested and proven way to better overall health. It has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. This guide makes the diet easy to understand. If you are tired of fads, then this guide is for you. It explains everything in detail; food groups are explained, formal research and verification is provided and tips on how to use the diet effectively for weight lose are laid bare.

Why is the Greek Food Diet so efficient at Weight Loss?

Most people gain weight as a result of two deadly factors; eating energy packed junk food and a sedentary lifestyle. Junk food, be it fries, burgers, hot dogs, pies, soda, pizza has a very high calorie count and is high in cholesterol. Any doctor will tell you that if you want to be dead at 50, eat junk continuously and you shall achieve your objective. Junk food combined with a sedentary lifestyle (read being a couch potato) is even more toxic. Many people eat junk and then sit on their bums the whole day with deadly consequences. Once you realize that you are obese and you need to do something about it, you either go on a fad diet or go for weight loss surgery, or liposuction depending on how deep your pockets are. Unfortunately, the effects of diet pills, fad diets, liposuction, and weight loss surgery may not last long if you do not change your bad eating habits. In most cases, the weight comes right back! And you blow up bigger than before.

The Greek Food Diet encourages weight loss systematically over a longer period by eating a healthy diet that comprises foods in their natural state and complex carbs. This diet also encourages simply daily exercise in the form of a walk (daily physical exercise is routine in the traditional Greek way of life). You therefore lose your weight over a longer period but you lose it in a healthy manner, and, any weight you shed is gone for good! So forget that diet pill rubbish and fad diets where the weight rebounds the moment you go off the diet, or expensive surgery that will burn a hole in your pocket. Go for a surefire tried and tested way to lose weight and enjoy the rest of your life. Click Here to access the Greek Food Diet

Greek Food Diet
Greek Food Diet

Having lived in Greece my whole life I know of the benefits of the Greek Food Diet first hand. My reason for writing this guide was three fold:

  1. To give people a guide that lays bare the powerful health secrets of the Mediterranean Greek Food Diet with scientific proof of all research carried out
  2. To give people a health guide that explains to them how to live healthier, longer and lose weight without having to deprive themselves or make difficult sacrifices. Yes, unbelievably, it is actually possible to enjoy a sumptuous meal and lose weight at the same time. People in my country have the notoriety of being amongst the healthiest and with the longest life expectancy in the world.
  3. A Guide that provides 7 tasty Greek recipes, one for each day of the week. The recipes are easy to prepare and tips on substitutes are offered for each geographic region

When you decide to embark on this journey, you will learn among other things:

1 foods to avoid

2 foods best to eat

3 the difference between good and bad cholesterol as well as good and bad fat

4 deriving the most benefit from the medicinal properties of Olive oil, Garlic and tomatoes

5 preparing mouth watering recipes that will prove that healthy eating does not mean flavor less bland meals

6 how to introduce some physical activity into your daily schedule no matter your occupation

7 how to improve the way you relate with the people around you to reduce stress and mental fatigue

As you read this guide and implement the knowledge you will have acquired, you will begin to notice changes in your life. Beginning with a general feeling of wellbeing, you will find that you are able to concentrate more on your work or business, your stress levels will reduce and you will generally feel rejuvenated as the toxins you have pumped into your body over the years leave your system. If you are overweight, in a few short months, you will be surprised at the amount of weight you will have shed without even realizing it! The Mediterranean Greek Food Diet will leave you healthier and happier.


In addition, you will also learn:

1 how to reduce your risk of coronary artery disease

2 how to create time to spend with your loved one’s

3 how to avoid work related stress

4 the relationship between high blood pressure and processed junk

5 how to lower cholesterol with certain Mediterranean food groups

6 the importance of fruits and vegetables in your diet

7 why Olive oil is nature’s best way to keep us free of heart disease and cancer

8 the importance of garlic to control high blood pressure and other life threatening killer diseases

9 why fad diets and diet pills are bad for you

Greek Food Diet
Greek Food Diet


In addition to the The Greek Food Diet Guide, you will also receive TWO great bonuses with the guide.


Bonus 1- $30 Value

The 10-Minute Work out Plan

The Secret to Getting Fit in Only 30 Minutes a Week!

Traditional exercise programs emphasize intense workouts for a minimum of 45 minutes daily. They comprise intense ab workouts, aerobic workouts, strength training, muscle building workouts and much more tormenting regimens. The very nature of these workout routines means that you can’t workout from home and have to enroll at a gym or fitness club. This 10 minute workout is exactly the opposite, you need only workout 30 minutes a week… and best of all; it is designed so that you can workout at home.

Bonus 2 – $50 Value!

Five Steps to Natural Weight Loss

How many times have you tried to lose weight through dieting? How many times have you starved yourself all day long, suffered through the hunger pangs, and just waited until the moment that you could step onto the scales only to find that either nothing had changed, or you had actually gained weight…? Oh, the disappointment of dieting! This Ebook shows you just how to lose weight with a change of attitude and Five Simple Steps to make a difference.


Iron Clad 8 Week Money Back Guarantee!

I am a straightforward, forthright person with a high level of integrity. I am so sure that you will be satisfied with this guide and bonuses that I am willing to refund your money, every single cent, if it does not do what I claim it can do. Order the book and try out the entire advice in it and if in 8 weeks you are not satisfied, simply contact me directly and I will issue a 100% refund. It can’t get better than that!

How Much Discipline is needed?

As we had mentioned earlier, the Greek Food Diet comprises tasty recipes. The only discipline you need is not to overeat otherwise you will lose the health benefits. Part of the emphasis of Mediterranean culture is moderation. Thus, where the diet says you are allowed to take wine, it should be taken the way the Greeks do it, at meal times with food and in moderation. Do not go out on a binge and claim your diet allows you to do so. Of course you will also need to be disciplined enough to keep off junk food.

What have you got to lose?

You have absolutely nothing to loose except excessive weight. You have a healthy body and mind to gain at a mere one off investment of $47. This is a real bargain given the amount of research, writing and marketing time that has gone into making sure that I provide you with a fantastic guide, guaranteed to change your life forever!

At this point you really only have two options:

Option 1

You can leave this site without taking any action at all and fail to access vital information guaranteed to get you healthy and attain an optimum weight. You may even decide to do your own research and create your own diet to follow; wasting precious time and making errors along the way.

Option 2

Alternatively, you can take the cheaper more logical route; make a minimal investment of $47 and access all this information at the click of your mouse. The guide is 50 pages long and if you read five pages a day, that translates to $4.7 daily for 10 ten days. And, remember there are two great bonuses that come with book with a total value of $80. The guide usually sells for $69 without the bonuses so you are accessing information with a total value of $149 for just $47… not a bad proposition! And… you have an Iron clad 100% 8 week money back guarantee.

Let us recap this:

You access the Mediterranean Greek Food Diet that includes:

  • powerful health secrets of the Mediterranean Greek Food Diet with scientific proof of all research carried out including a recipe for every day
  • Helpful and clear instructions to healthy living provided all through the guide
  • An entire chapter dedicated to weight loss and how to use the diet to achieve your optimum weight
  • An expose of why fad diets and diet pills are bad for you and why the weight loss industry is set to become the biggest industry rivaling even car makers
  • Two free great bonuses valued at $80
  • Everything is downloadable immediately and you do not have to wait for anything to be shipped

It makes no sense to let this guide go at this amazing price!


This guide and bonuses are downloadable instantly. You are just minutes away from discovering the mind-blowing ancient secrets of Mediterranean Greek Food! Access this life changing information NOW.

I look forward to helping you improve your overall health.

In pursuit of great health!

Nadia Bassakaropoulos

P.S. Remember the regular price is $69 and $47 is a special offer. Including the bonuses, you are accessing vital health information at only a third of the total value!

P.P.S Your satisfaction is guaranteed and backed up by a 100% 8 week money back guarantee.

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