Equestrian Supplies Northern Ireland

The most important part of equestrian riding clothing is your helmet. A second hand helmet may show no signs of damage but it still may be damaged and will not provide sufficient protection. Equestrian clothing consists of hats/helmets, breeches, jodhpurs, riding jackets, and body protectors.

Equestrian clothing is designed to provide safety,comfort and practicality to the rider. It is not necessary to buy the full equestrian clothing initially though as stated before you must always wear a riding hat. Riding hats come in three types: the classic hat which is velvet and has a hard peak; Endurance skull Protector which is similar to a cycle helmet and is very light; Jockey Cap which has no peak.

Once you become a regular rider you should look at purchasing the rest of the equestrian riding clothing,which should fit tightly but at the same time be comfortable. Jackets usually worn for formal equestrian events. They come in three types: Hacking Jacket, Hunting Jacket, and Show Jacket.

Body Protectors are filled with foam and are worn over the top of clothes. They are designed to protect the rider in falls and against horse kicks.Breeches and Jodhpurs are trousers. Jodhpurs end at the ankle whilst breeches end halfway down the calf.

There are two types of riding boots which are: jodhpur boots which are more comfortable than long riding boots but do not protect the riders legs. Long riding boots however offer more protection to the rider’s leg but are not as comfortable jodhpur boots.

Some equestrian riding clothing can be expensive but bear in mind it is specifically designed for horse riding offering comfort and safety to the rider.


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Equestrian Supplies Northern Ireland

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