How to Prepare Your Apartment for Moving

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Moving

House move is undoubtedly challenging and stressful. However, most people have a dread not of the move itself, but of the process that precedes it This daunting process is – packing. Packing for a one-week vacation is a real challenge for many people, but packing for a house move seems to be a nightmare for anyone.

People make a horrible mistake trying to delay packing and do everything at the very last moment. To avoid the rush, start packing well in advance. These simple recommendations will help you pack your stuff quickly and effortlessly.

So, let’s get started!

Gather Packing Supplies

To pack all your belongings you’ll need strong moving boxes or cartons of different sizes. Finding such boxes is not difficult, you can buy them in specialized stores or visit local grocery or book stores and get necessary boxes absolutely for free. When choosing boxes, make sure they are strong. Apart from boxes or cartons you will need:

 wrapping supplies (sheets, old clothes, newspapers, bubble wraps, etc.)
 marking pens and labelling stickers
 padding supplies
 packing tape
 scissors

Assess Your Belongings and Identify Unwanted Stuff

Moving is an excellent occasion to get rid of unwanted junk. The fewer things you have, the faster you will pack them. There are lots of good ways to get rid of things you have not used for ages but do not want just to throw away. The best way is to donate such items.

The faster you move, the faster you can have pizza.

Pack One Room at a Time

Do not try to pack everything in a day. Packing one room at a time is much easier and not so bothersome. Start with packing items that are used least often and then proceed to things that are used frequently. Items that you use everyday pack at the very end. Some items can be packed even on the move day.

Label Boxes

To make life easier when unpacking, it is recommended to label the boxes. Also, write a list of things contained in each box. Doing this will be easier if you pack similar things together.

Pack Properly

Some items should be wrapped before placed into a box. To wrap things you can use old clothes, sheets, towels, paper and bubble wrap. Each fragile item should be packed with extra care so that it didn’t get damaged. Also, do not pack fragile items with items that can damage them.

Put heavy items on the bottom and lighter on the top of the box. Do not leave boxes half full. At the same, time do not pack a box until it gets too heavy, so make sure you can effortlessly lift it.

Do not forget to take care of your flowers, if you have any. Flowers require wrapping or boxes with holes so that your plants could breathe during transportation.

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It goes without saying, that furniture is ready for transportation only when it is empty. So, check all drawers and make sure nothing is left there. Of course, to avoid damages it is optative to wrap furniture with a sturdy cloth.

Moving Services

To transport your stuff to a new apartment you can rent a truck or hire professional movers, who can help not only with transportation but with packing as well. Moving company in San Francisco has professional movers who are always ready to lend a helping hand. This moving company has experienced and professional employees, who know how to make a home move quick and effortless. You will appreciate their high level of services and affordable prices.