Property Investment – Property Auctions UK Property Investor? Looking to bag a bargain at a property auction? There has never been a better time to invest in property and property auctions are often thought as the best place to snap up a bargain. But many people forget that auctioneers act on behalf of the seller, and not you, the buyer. acts on your behalf as a buyers adviser. Our recommended investment property is below the market value, allowing you to benefit from the lucrative opportunities without the associated risks of a property auction. Auctioneers use several tactics to try to achieve the maximum price for a property and use artificially low guide price and maximise the potential of a bidding frenzy to drive up prices. Additionally they use a tactic called bouncing bids against the wall. This is where they pretend they’re receiving bids, when in fact they’re not. Auctioneers can legally do this up to the reserve price, which only they know. Auction property is offered as a sold as scene basis. Most bidders don’t opt for a survey as these are expensive and there is no guarantee that they will be successful in the purchase. They might be outbid on the day or the property may not meet the reserve. will help you avoid such potential auction pitfalls and help to achieve the same gains without the associated risks. Unlike the auctioneer, we act on your behalf, the buyer and not the seller.
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